Why should you fast?
Fasting is one of the most important disciplines in the Christian faith. It is indeed an open secret because Jesus after being baptized at the Jordan River by John the Baptist and after the dramatic announcement from Heaven by the Holy Spirit that He pleased God, the next thing He did prior to starting His earthly ministry was to engage a 40 day and night period of fasting in the wilderness. 
The enemy of our souls does everything in his power to hinder our understanding and the practice of fasting with prayer. If you are probably wondering why this should be the case you already figured it out right? satan knows that we will have spiritual power if we engage the discipline as a congruent part of our spiritual walk. If we are to be successful in the practice of faith and we call ourselves followers of Jesus we must engage the spiritual discipline of fasting in some form and measure. After Jesus returned to heaven, the early church continued fasting with prayer as a habitual practice. 
While I am sure that many more benefits exist for fasting with prayer, here are the top 10 benefits from the scriptures. The references have been provided so please proceed with an open bible app or paper bible to glean from the scriptures for yourself. It can only be exciting